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Financing Your North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach Real Estate Purchase

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Securing mortgage financing is an important step in the real estate purchase process and there are lots of options - from variable to fixed and interest rates constantly changing. It's very important to explore and find the fit that's right for you. Check with your CENTURY 21 Thomas real estate agent - they'll be happy to suggest one or more lenders who offer mortgage loans at competitive rates. Often you can be pre-approved for your mortgage loan even before you begin to look for a Myrtle Beach or North Myrtle Beach home!

Why get pre-approved?

  • Doing this will prompt sellers to take your offer more seriously because you have a lender that is committed to backing your offer.
  • Getting pre-qualified requires that a lender verify your financial information. It serves as their commitment to lend a specified amount based on that information.
  • Your efforts and your REALTOR®'s efforts will be focused on properties that match your purchasing ability.
  • You'll have the edge over buyers who aren't approved when multiple offers arrive on a property. This can make the difference between having your offer accepted or losing the property to a qualified buyer. .